Welcome to my practice.

What is my therapeutic orientation and philosophy?

Primary Orientation:  relational psychodynamic psychotherapy & psychoanalysis

Philosophy of Treatment:  integrated/science informed, holistic/well-being focused, importance of sociocultural and political context on our well-being

Alan Nathan, Psy.D.My treatment approach is all about helping you to better understand how your mind, body, and relationships can work together to relieve your emotional pain and to create opportunities to make lasting changes in your life.  I combine exploratory, insight-oriented work with skill building strategies informed by integrated, science informed theory of change.

I consider both individual and group identities important parts of mental health and well-being for all people.  Regardless of your racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender, sexual orientation, political, or other identities I will help you find and express what feels most authentic and to free yourself from what has felt oppressive.  These identity issues might be one of the main reasons for which you sought psychotherapy, or it might become important to our work as we explore other issues that initially brought you to treatment.

Political division, painful conflict with family and friends, fear, and uncertainty about where our country and world might be heading are impacting many of us. It is an important part of my practice to help with these issues, regardless of what your specific beliefs or political identity might be.

General Practice Areas

I address trauma recovery, depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, relationship problems, sociocultural and political issues, and a wide range of other mental health issues in my practice. Learn more how relational psychodynamic psychotherapy and relational psychoanalysis can help.

Conveniently located in Bethesda, Maryland. Contact me today.

Psychotherapy Affordability

I operate my practice by myself and do not have support staff. For that and other reasons, I am not a paneled provider with any insurance companies. If you have out of network insurance coverage, I do my best to help you obtain reimbursement from your insurance company. If you do not have out of network benefits for psychotherapy or you don’t have insurance and can’t afford my full fee, I’ll do my best to reduce my fee so that you can afford to pay out of pocket. If I’m not able to offer a fee that you can afford, I’ll do my best to provide referrals and resources that can help.

Treatment modalities

  • Individual

  • Couples/family dyads

  • Parent support

Skills you can learn

  • Mindfulness practice

  • Self-care/well-being strategies

  • Cultivating mutually supportive relationships & community resources

Other services